Baking with kids

The learning opportunities are numerous: math, reading, science and nutrition, to name a few. Engaging young kids in the kitchen also offers wonderful sensory exploration – the textures, the smells, the flavours…. Mmmm the flavours!

My daughter has always been sensitive to textures. Baking together has been a great way for us to gently explore various textures, and help her get comfortable with them.

Baking for others is one of our go-to acts of kindness. We like to prepare baked treats for neighbours, friends, family, our postal carrier, my daughter’s teachers and classmates, my husband’s colleagues, etc. We do extra baking around the holidays, but surprising someone with something delicious on a random day for no particular reason, that’s what I enjoy most. I like trying out new recipes, having the smell of fresh baked goods fill my home, and most of all, making memories in the kitchen with my daughter. Have you Filled a Bucket Today? is one of our favourite books, and baking for others is one of the ways we fill buckets.

What’s your favourite thing to bake with kids?

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