Even small hands can be helping hands

It’s never too early to start helping kids learn to pitch in around the house. We are a family and we share the responsibility of keeping our home tidy, clean, and organized. In the words of Daniel Tiger, “Everyone is big enough, big enough to do something.”

Ever since my daughter was one year old, she has enjoyed helping with the dishes. We usually try to run our dishwasher overnight so part of our morning routine is to put away the clean dishes. We started out by removing any sharp utensils and then have her empty the cutlery basket. As she got a bit older, she would help empty the bottom rack too.


As a toddler, she now takes care of starting the dishwasher and she loves it! The few times that I have absentmindedly put the soap in and started the dishwasher on my own, she quickly reminds me that it is her responsibility and insists that we start over so she can do her job. Doing the dishes may feel like a chore for us as parents, but kids tend to thoroughly enjoy being given (age appropriate) responsibilities.

What are some of the things your kids love helping out with?

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