Raising Friendly Flyers

Flying with young kids can be exciting and challenging; it’s also a great opportunity to encourage courteousness. Here are some of our family’s habits when flying:

  • Take a moment to smile and say “hi” to the flight crew as we board; it’s a simple gesture that is often overlooked
  • Use our “library voice” to be considerate of other travellers
  • Snacks! Enough said 🙂
  • Have a layer that can be added or removed depending on cabin temperature
  • Avoid using products with strong fragrances that may be overwhelming for others during the flight
  • Keep a variety of quiet activities on hand for entertainment

Some of our favourite travel activities include:

  • Search and Find books
  • Alphabet and animal magnets with a metal lunch box or a small flat baking sheet
  • Reusable stickers
  • Melissa & Doug Water Wow colouring books
  • Playing cards for simple games like Go Fish
  • Tidy up any garbage
  • Avoid blocking the aisle while gathering our things
  • Thank the crew when we reach our destination and deplane

By creating these habits for my daughter now, they will become instinctive as she grows older.

What are your favorite tips for travelling with little ones?

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