MarcoPolo World School App Review

I’ve been intrigued by the MarcoPolo World School app since I first read about it a couple of years ago. My daughter was too young at the time, but she’s the perfect age now, and the kind folks over at MarcoPolo offered us the opportunity to test it out in return for our review.

We try to limit screen time for our daughter, and are very selective about what we expose her to, so I tested out the World School app myself and after spending some time exploring, I couldn’t wait to share it with her.

World School is an educational app that was created by two dads, and aims to help children age 3-7 learn and explore their world through thousands of lessons and activities, which promote literacy and STEAM education (science, technology, engineering, art, and math). Within the app, there are so many different categories to choose from, each with short videos that are engaging and educational, as well as interactive games where kids can apply what they learned, play music, color and draw, practice math or sight words, and more. Categories include: the human body, weather, nature, sports, space, inventions, dinosaurs, feelings, and so much more.

There is a catalogue of fun craft ideas to build on the things the child is learning within the app. Craft projects are demonstrated with easy-to-follow video tutorials, using materials that you likely already have on-hand. Olivia and her Dad have done several of the crafts already, and can’t wait to do more. My husband describes himself as “not crafty”, so I was impressed that World School managed to draw even him in!

This slithering snake is made using segments of toilet paper tube linked together with pipe cleaner, and decorated with paint sticks and washi tape.
This rocket ship is made from a paper towel tube, wrapped with tinfoil, and decorated with colourful paper.
This rainstick is a paper towel tube decorated with washi tape (washi tape is great for fine motor practice), and filled with dry rice.
Listen to our rainstick in action!

We’ve been using World School for a couple of months now and we’re still discovering new things! It keeps my daughter engaged for a really long time, and I feel good knowing that the screen time she’s getting has quality educational benefits. If you have kids between the ages of 3-7, I highly recommend checking out the World School app! You can click here to sign-up for a free 7 day trial. If you’ve used World School, I’d love to hear what you think about it in the comments below!

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