Dental Hygiene Part 1: Brushing

It’s one thing to teach kids about the importance of brushing our teeth morning and night, but helping them grasp how to do it properly can be challenging. As my daughter wants to be more and more independent, she’s no longer so keen to let me brush her teeth for her, so I found myselfContinue reading “Dental Hygiene Part 1: Brushing”

Cheers! Teaching moments during a tea party

Raising a toddler girl means tea parties are a frequent occurrence in my day-to-day life. Sometimes they’re very elaborate with many (stuffed) attendees, sometimes they’re really simple with just the two of us, either way they’re always lots of fun. Like so many of our games together, these tea parties are filled with learning opportunities: WeContinue reading “Cheers! Teaching moments during a tea party”

Raising Friendly Flyers

Flying with young kids can be exciting and challenging; it’s also a great opportunity to encourage courteousness. Here are some of our family’s habits when flying: Take a moment to smile and say “hi” to the flight crew as we board; it’s a simple gesture that is often overlooked Use our “library voice” to beContinue reading “Raising Friendly Flyers”

Rainbow Pasta Sensory Play

Taste-safe recipe for sensory play rainbow pasta