Rainbow Bean Sensory Bin

My daughter and I LOVE making sensory bins! Sometimes they’re simple and sometimes they’re elaborate, and no matter what, they always ignite hours of imaginative play. The best sensory bins can be made from simple household ingredients, and this one is no exception. My daughter and I picked up a big bag of beans atContinue reading “Rainbow Bean Sensory Bin”

DIY Sand Slime

Slime is so hot right now (any Zoolander fans out there?), and it’s so great for sensory play. We’ve tried several different slime recipes, some were more successful than others, but this is definitely the best slime we’ve ever played with! Here’s what you need: 1/2 cup clear washable school Glue 1/2 water 1/4 cupContinue reading “DIY Sand Slime”

Helping Hands – Washing Dishes

Kids love to participate and feel included. I like to fuel that desire by finding opportunities to engage my daughter and help her learn. In our family, everybody helps out with household responsibilities; we cook together, and we clean together. We try to avoid treating these responsibilities as chores, and make things fun where possible.Continue reading “Helping Hands – Washing Dishes”

Rainbow Pasta Sensory Play

Taste-safe recipe for sensory play rainbow pasta